First Time Buyers

As first time home buyers, my fiancée and I cannot thank Pete Kirven enough for guiding us through this process. He is extremely knowledgeable and was always willing to go the extra mile ensure that we understood what was happening; from looking at homes online, to going to walkthroughs and open houses, to finding a lender and home inspector, to closing on our house. Pete was reliable, easy to contact, and with us every step of the way. As a teacher, I’d give him an A+!

From An Agent In My Office That I Helped Out One Evening

You are so wonderful and I thank you!

A Thank You Note After Closing

Y'know, you ARE a pretty good realtor.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  I don't know how you manage to be so cool while maintaining such professionalism. Most "professionals" don't know how to relax and might present as a stuffed shirt, but you have it figured out.  You are definitely in the right line of work and I need to contact Fran AGAIN, to thank her for introducing us.    


Halloween Appreciation

Seasonally appropriate, but I think Keb’ Mo’ and many others are way cooler. Still it’s very nice of her.

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From Mike K

About Working with Pete Kirven

“A co-worker of mine mentioned his parents are looking to move from Florida to a condo in Louisville… I told them that you were a pretty good realtor who helped me sell my place.  As Condo President of my previous association, I worked with numerous agents on both the buy and sell side of transactions in my condo building, and it was clear you were one of the best."


From Pat

Our New Home

Pete did a great job finding our new home in Louisville and navigating us thru the process. THANKS!

From Karen C.

Happy Home Buyer

Pete was AMAZING!!! Everything was perfect!

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From Thor W.

Great thank you note (see billboard on home page...)

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From Sarah W.

Fast Sale!

"Amazing! We love Pete. He sold our house in 8 days. He is easy to contact and always had our best interest in mind. He is easy to talk to and fun to view houses with. We highly recommended Pete."

From Kim M.

Recent postcard

Hey Pete.  I like the story!  And I will definitely refer anyone I know to you.  You are the most honest, effective realtor I know and a very good friend.  Take care, talk soon.  



From Leslie B.

Approachable, knowledgeable and ethical

We worked with Pete to sell our house a few years ago and he was wonderful. He gave helpful instruction as to how to get the house ready. Knew of contractors to use and trust. Pete is always approachable and kind. He always worked with us in an honest and ethical manner and also had good insight as to what our expectations should be for the market. He worked well with the other realtors as well, even when it got a bit complicated. In the end because of our personal reasons, we decided to stay in our house. We appreciate all that he did to help that happen for us. He helped us negotiate all of the details of that as well even if it did not directly benefit him. That shows how ethical he is. We recommend him and will definitely use his services in the future.

Response from Pete Kirven

Thanks Leslie. It's clients like you that make me love this business. It was a pleasure working with you and will be again if ever you do decide to move.

From Sam C.

Outstanding attention to detail and person centered agent!

Being new to selling a home in Louisville, we needed an agent who understood the city and how to best position our property to sell quickly and at a good price. As noted already on this site, Pete's outstanding ability to listen to the customer (and potential buyers) and convey a clear plan to get our home sold was what stood out with us among a whole list of other great experiences with Pete. My wife still shares with our friends today that Pete taught her so much about the selling process, and among the most valuable was his approach to square footage and how it impacted the comps and eventual sell of a property. I can point to Pete's absolute commitment to his clients, how he takes time to listen to what his clients need and expect from the process, then gets to work to do his research to help make the goals of his clients reachable! Everything from gathering very relevant market data, to finding right contractors to manage any needs we had ranging from getting the cities best photographer to showcase the house to locating specialists after the inspection report came through to deliver on a smooth transaction is Pete's strength. He was always available 110% of the time when we had questions, as we traveled a lot, he would adjust to our time zones no matter where we were and he was always the calm, reasonable professional. With all this being said, I am happy to share that Pete placed our home on the market, and within weeks we had a multiple offer situation that eventually lead to an over asking price offer and more importantly a flawless post offer transaction that had us very pleased. Our home was in a neighborhood that had seen slower than average sales in terms of time on the market and asking price, but with Pete's astute analysis and absolute commitment to our sale, he was able to defy the odds and deliver on one of the quickest sales in the neighborhood at over asking! That's the level of professionalism and service that you can expect from Pete!

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Sam, Wow! Thanks for such a thorough write up. I should have had you recommend me to colleges! Hope that biz is going well. Take care, Pete


From Charlie K.

Pete provided complete guidance

Pete guided the whole process, and helped me consider all options and prepare for all outcomes. Pete not only answered every one of my questions, but he also suggested additional questions I had not been asking.

Response from Pete Kirven

Hey Charlie, Thanks so much. It was great working with you. Hope the house and you are doing well! Re your Streaming Asset business, we have a contract on Diane and Charles home and they move in two weeks. Pete


From Dave W.

Yup, pretty good..!

Pete advised me on how I might best renovate my rental property for sale, and before much time passed, brought me buyers. An all around win for all parties..!

Response from Pete Kirven

Thanks Dave. It was great working with you. My clients had been looking for a long time and had declined to schedule a visit to your place until one day we were going to be just blocks away, so they said "well... OK." The moment she walked in, she fell in love with it and they are still extremely pleased with their purchase. They were thrilled to be able to remodel the kitchen and baths to their tastes vs paying top dollar for someone else's remodel that wasn't to their tastes.


From Jim H.

Pete handled the sale of our parents' home at 14 Rio Vista Drive in early 2015. My sisters and I were quite pleased with his representation. He had some great suggestions on presentation and some interior maintenance necessary to showcase the house properly, and he had a number of contacts with contractors and other vendors who could do the work. He did a great deal of research on comparable sales and listings in our area in order to guide us to a proper listing price. He had periodic open houses for both the general public and his fellow real estate professionals. He also helped with final pricing and negotiation with the ultimate buyer. Overall, a very good experience, and I am pleased to recommend Pete to anyone else selling or buying in the Louisville area.

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Jim, I'm only as good as my clients. Selling the house that raised you is a big deal. You all hung together and worked through every challenge. I much appreciate your confidence and support. Thanks! Pete


From Lily L.

A Five Star Agent

Pete helped us find the ideal house. Pete is extremely patient,very professional and courteous. We enjoyed working with him. We would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a propert in Louisville

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Lily, Thanks so much for your kind endorsement. Even better is that you've asked me to help you find the next home for your growing family. Hope everyone is well! Pete


From Mary I.

Better than "Pretty Good"

Loved working with Pete when we were looking for a condo. He knows the area and has seen many of the properties when we were asking about certain buildings. He is also familiar with the neighborhoods and surrounding areas. We had a very good experience in our first purchase of our condo and our daughter is very happy there.

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Mary Thanks so much for responding and for ranking me so highly. It's a nice way to begin the weekend. Take care, Pete


From Jaleel D.

Our best realtor experience ever!

Pete is one of the best and the most honest realtor I have ever worked with - period! We were very picky with what we wanted in the first home that we ever bought; Pete was there to guide us throughout the process and showing us the houses that matched our criteria. We could never have done it without him. He gives the best advice and is a very trustworthy guy. If we ever need to sell or buy a house, Pete will always be our realtor!

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Jaleel, This is very kind of you. You've gotten my weekend off to a wonderful start. Thank you so much. Hope you and the family are doing well. Take care, Pete


From Ronald S.

Pete, is much more than a "Pretty Good Realtor"

His ad campaign does not do him justice. I found Pete to be the most honest realtor I have ever met. He did not promise the moon, however he did get us top dollar during a very tough market a few years ago. He earned every dollar of his commission, from the top notch listing photos, numerous open houses. We closed for more than what other agents recommended as a starting price. When our daughter thought she was ready to buy a condo a year ago, I had her call Pete. Most agents would have gladly helped her buy a condo she was not ready to purchase. Pete walked her through the pros and cons of home ownership and she decided to wait a couple more years before purchasing a home. Pete lost a commission last year, however when she is ready Pete will be her agent in the future. Plus she recommends him to her friends. If I was running Pete's ad campaign it would say "Louisville's Best Realtor"!

Response from Pete Kirven

Hi Ron, Thanks so much. What a great way to finish the week! Thank you so much. Whenever your daughter is ready, I'll be glad to help. Thanks again, Pete


From Leslie T.

Pete's a godsend!

Pete was recommended by old friends who'd known him since childhood, and that was especially helpful since I was selling my mother's house, the house my brother and I grew up in. Pete came by, listened carefully, and took care of every detail in what for me, was a difficult but necessary process. He held a successful open house, found buyers, walked me through negotiations, and within a few fast-moving weeks, the house was sold. I recommend Pete wholeheartedly, no matter what type of home you're buying or selling!

Response from Pete Kirven

Hey Leslie, This is awesome. What a fun way to finish the week! Thank you so much. Hope you are doing well. Take care, Pete


From Macauley Lord – Author, L.L. Bean Fly‐Casting Handbook

Pete and I started fishing together in high school. We fished from Okefenokee in Georgia to Nova Scotia. Once I dropped by Yale unannounced. I thought Pete might be too busy studying to visit. When he saw me, the first words out of his mouth were, “Hey Mac, want to go fishing?” We were catching trout an hour later. That kind of sums up Pete.