The Monday Club

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On just one Monday of each month, the Monday Club gathers to explore some part of Kentucky or Indiana, usually within a two hour drive from Louisville. If you are ever looking to hike, bike or paddle some of the surrounding region, check here for monthly updates.

2019 (click month for pictures, maps and videos)

We are working our way downstream on the mighty Green River one leg at a time via peddle/paddle (bike/kayak/canoe) trips from Green River Lake to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Here are interactive bike and paddle route maps with some pictures of recent trips: Section #1 (26.8 miles) Section #2 (21.6) Section #3 (36.3) Section #4 (30.9) Section #5 (36.9) Section #6 (26.7) Section #7 (24.1)

Green River Fun Facts to Know and Tell: The headwaters of Green River above Green River Lake imprinted historical greatness on the descendants of the earliest settlers of the area. Capt. Abraham Lincoln obtained the first recorded land grant in what is now Casey County with 800 acres along the Green River. His 8-year-old son, Thomas, narrowly escaped death during an Indian ambush that killed Capt. Lincoln in 1786. Without Thomas, we would never have heard of his son Abraham Lincoln, arguably the greatest President of the United States. Col. William Casey was one of the first explorers of the upper Green River region and Casey County is named for him. He eventually settled on Green River near what is now Columbia in Adair County. Casey married Jane Montgomery and their granddaughter married John Clemens. Their marriage brought them a son, Samuel Clemens, known to most by his pen name, Mark Twain. (source for this paragraph: