The Piano


Ray Stevens met the owner’s sister, “Auntie,” in high school. They went steady for a couple of years, into their first year of college, where as many relationships do, it fizzled out. However, while dating, Ray and Auntie came to visit over Thanksgiving. He was just getting started in his entertaining career, so he enamored all the guests with his singing abilities. He tickled the ivories of the piano that rested for years in the basement of 3313 Grandview Ave.

In fact, he put tacks behind the hammers to make it sound more “Honky Tonk.” His first recording was “Silver Bracelet.” He didn’t write the song, but he sang it and recorded it for Auntie – she has the record to this day. 

Jerry Reed used to hang out with them and played the guitar for Ray quite often. If truth be told, Auntie kind of liked Jerry too but we’re not sure he ever knew it.

If you have no idea who these people are, go ask your parents, better yet, ask your grandparents... or just Google “The Streak” by Ray Stevens and have a laugh for the day.

Ray is still alive, well and pounding out songs.  You can watch him on Saturday evenings at 8:00 on Louisville’s KET2 on his show “Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville.” And, if you’re in Nashville drop in at CabaRay.  

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